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[일반공지] WGO 2019 Year End Report
등록일 2020-06-17


Please find attached the World Gastroenterology Organisation's 2019 Year End Report, which highlights the major WGO activities from last year. Since its establishment in 1958, WGO has disseminated medical education to gastroenterologists, hepatologists, endoscopists, and other related disciplines across the entire world.


Over the past twenty years, the WGO has developed new education programs that uniquely fulfill a niche that is not offered by any national or regional societies . These include the Train the Trainer workshops that are run in conjunction with our member societies; the creation of 23 Training Centers, many in collaboration with the WGO member societies, enabling gastroenterologists, hepatologists and related disciplines to become specialists in their part of the world; the unique Global Guidelines that incorporate cascades and are translated into five major languages, thereby ensuring that the best clinical practice can be delivered in both developed and developing countries; and the organization of the annual World Digestive Health Day (WDHD) campaign that highlights important GI issues to the public at large . We must also recognize our other programs and committees that are leading the charge in research, education, and training: Clinical Research Committee; Scientific Programs Committee; Publications Committee; e-WGN Editorial Board; Endoscopy Interest Group, Hepatology Interest Group; and WGO Foundation.


첨부파일 WGO-2019-Annual-Report.pdf WGO-2019-Annual-Report.pdf (다운950회)
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